Coordinated Operation of Electric And Natural Gas Supply Networks: Optimization Processes And Market Design:

This project has developed intra-day transient pipeline optimization technology, economic theory and algorithms for hourly pricing of natural gas deliveries over large pipeline networks, and design of market mechanisms for efficient coordination of natural gas and electric power systems. The team is led by Newton Energy Group, and is supported by Kinder Morgan corporation. The period of performance is April 2016 - April 2019. Software developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory for this project is available in the open source release GRAIL.


Journal Papers

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I am fortunate to have had exceptional mentors and productive collaborators.

Name Institution Subject
Wojbor Woyczynski CWRU Statistical Signal Processing for Electroencephalographic Data
Alexandra Piryatinska SFSU Levy Flights and Change Point Detection
Kenneth Loparo CWRU Algorithms for Clinical Seizure Data Analysis
Mohamed Jardak UK Met Office Polynomial Chaos for Stochastic Differential Equations
Jr-Shin Li WUSTL Ensemble Control and Neural Engineering
Istvan Kiss SLU Synchronization Engineering and Electrochemical Oscillations
Hisa-Aki Tanaka UEC Tokyo Optimal Entrainment of Oscillators
Michael Chertkov LANL Physics and Control of Gas and Electricity Transmission
Göran Andersson ETH Coordinating Operations of Gas and Electricity Transmission Systems
Pascal Van Hentenryck Michigan Algorithms for Gas Pipeline Transient Optimization
Alexander Korotkevich New Mexico Numerical Simulation of Gas Pipeline Flow
Konstantin Turitsyn MIT Risk Assessment for Coupled Gas Pipelines and Power Grids
Alexandr Rudkevich Newton Energy Engineering Economics of Wholesale Gas and Electricity Transmission
Richard Carter DNV-GL Natural Gas Pipeline Modeling and Transient Optimization


I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with talented students.

Name Institution Active Subject
Jordan Snyder UC Davis 2016-2018 Entrainment of Oscillations and Network Science (with Aric Hagberg)
Walter Bomela WUSTL 2016-2017 Control of Thermostatically Controlled Loads for Demand Response
Bining Zhao Ohio State 2016-2017 Iterative Intra-Day Optimization of Natural Gas and Electricity Systems
Fei Wu Ohio State 2016 Adaptive Convex Relaxations for Nonconvex Optimization (with Harsha Nagarajan)
Line Roald ETH, LANL 2015-2016 Coordinating Operations of Gas and Electricity Transmission Systems (with Michael Chertkov)
Terrence Mak ANU 2015-2016 Efficient Algorithms for Dynamic Gas Pipeline Optimization (with Russell Bent)